Jenny Mayer | Treasurer

Jenny joined the club as a teenager and has been involved with the German community for just as long. A former member of the Jugendgruppe, today she dances with the Kulturgruppe along with her husband Mark. Their two girls are also heavily active in the Jugendgruppe, of which she is a co-leader. Jenny works as an Accounting Manager and enjoys cheering on her daughters who are heavily active in volleyball and all-star cheer. 

MaryAnn MacGillis | President

MaryAnn was born into the Club — her parents were members before she was born and her first UDoM event was a Mother’s Day program when she was just 6 weeks old. MaryAnn started dancing in the Kindergruppe at 3, then was in the Jugendgruppe and the Kulturgruppe. She's had her own business since she was 16, and currently teaches pattern-making classes at the Art Institute of Wisconsin. MaryAnn enjoys spending time with her husband, Jim, and two kids who are both members of the Jugendgruppe.

Mark Mayer | Corporate Secretary

Mark has been a part of the UDoM since 1983, when he started dancing with the Jugendgruppe at the age of 13, and where he met his lovely wife, Jenny. Two years later, he also started dancing with the Kulturgruppe, with whom he is still dancing today! In addition to his position on the UDoM/GACF Executive Board, Mark also is a member of the Jägerverein, and is one of the co-leaders of the Jugendgruppe. During the week he is a Mechanical Engineer, and in his free time he enjoys golfing, trap shooting, and is an avid alpine ski racer.

Ashley Harker | Vice President

Ashley lives in Waukesha with her husband, Matthew. She has been a member of the club since she was 16 years old, and was a member of both the Jugend and is now a part of the Kulturgruppe and Spaß Milwaukee. Ashley works for Kohl's Corporate and in her free time, enjoys traveling, and camping with her husband and their two lovable dogs.

Jenn Erickson | Director of Marketing

Jenn has been member of the UDoM for almost 20 years and a Board Member since 2008. She recently moved up to the Executive Board in 2016 as the Director of Marketing. Jenn is a former member of the Jugend and still dances with the Kulturgruppe. Recently married, she and her husband Matt have taken on the adventure of home ownership -- purchasing a home in West Bend that needed a lot of “love” -- they might be Menard’s #1 customers! By day, Jenn works as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator for a company that provides equipment and service to the financial, gaming and retail industries. In her free time, she does freelance graphic design, likes to cook, and owns a cookie & cupcake business.

Liz Borowski | Membership Secretary

Liz has been a member of the UDoM since 1980. She has been on the Executive Board for 5 years as  Correspondence Secretary and in  2016, became the Membership Secretary. Liz is the mother of three kids that have all been active in the club; with her youngest still involved. In her free time, Liz enjoys spending time with her new granddaughter, Ellie, and camping with family and friends.

Meet Our Executive Board

Reinhold Hutz | Director at Large

Reinhold was born in Salzburg, Austria. His mother and father were born in Berak and Vukovar (former Yugoslavia), respectively. He and his wife Irene have three children, Erika, Michael and Peter, who all danced in the various UDoM groups since their early childhood. He has been a member of the UDoM since 1991 and has served many roles through the years: Chorleiter (singing leader, accompanist), Executive Board member, Membership Secretary, 2nd Vice-President, and religious service (Mass) committee member. Reinhold enjoys running, traveling the world, and playing his guitar and singing. He has recently retired from being a professor at UWM.