Mark Mayer | First Vice President

Mark has been a part of the UDoM since the age of 13 when he started dancing with the Jugendgruppe. Two years later, he also started dancing with the Kulturgruppe, with whom he is still dancing today with his wife Jenny and their two daughters. In addition to his position on the UDoM/GACF Executive Board, Mark also is a member of the Jägerverein and is one of the co-leaders of the Jugendgruppe. Mark's profession is Mechanical Engineer, and in his free time he enjoys golfing, shooting sports, and is an avid alpine ski racer. 

Julie Patton | Membership Secretary

Julie has been a part of the club as long as she can remember, joining the Kindergruppe when she was just 3 years old. She danced with the Jugendgruppe through her early adult life and is currently an active member of the Kulturgruppe along with her husband Nick. She is also our webmaster and is assistant leiterin of the Frauengruppe. Outside of the club, Julie works in marketing and owns a drivers education school with her husband, and enjoys cooking, and spending time with Nick and their miniature dachshund Rowan.

Carol Gdula | President

Carol lives in Oconomowoc with her husband, Greg. She has been involved with the club her entire life, and is also the Director of the Jugendgruppe, a member of the Kulturgruppe, and the Frauengruppe.. In her daily life, Carol is an office manager for Aspen Orthopedics. In her free time, she enjoys traveling around the state with her husband, Greg, in search of the best Prime Rib dinner.

Jenn Erickson | Director of Marketing

Jenn has been a member of the UDoM for over 20 years. She's been a Board Member since 2008, and on the Executive Board since 2016, as Director of Marketing. Jenn is a former member of the Jugend and still dances with the Kulturgruppe. Her son Ryland recently joined the Kindergruppe. By day, Jenn works as the Director of Operations for Prescription Analytics in Hartford. She loves to spend time cooking and baking, and hanging out on the patio with her husband, Matt, and Ryland.

Katlin Fuchs | Second Vice President

Katlin has been involved in the club for her entire life. Katlin is currently an active member of our Kulturgruppe and Frauengruppe. Katlin enjoys spending time at the club as well as supporting the other local German clubs in Milwaukee. She sits on the Landesverband North America board as Landeskinderleiterin,  and is involved with the German-American Societies of Milwaukee as the co-coordinator of the Miss German-American Societies Queen Contest. She also dances with her husband in the S.V.E.V D'Oberlandler Milwaukee. In her free time, Katlin enjoys spending time with family and traveling with her husband Zach.

Megan Laughlin | Corporate Secretary

Megan has been involved in the club for over a decade when she began dancing in the Jugendgruppe. Megan is currently an active member of the Kulturgruppe and Frauengruppe, and also one of our Kindergruppe Leiterin. Megan works as an elementary school counselor. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends.

Meet Our Executive Board

Jenny Mayer | Treasurer

Jenny joined the UDoM when she was 13 and has been involved with the German community ever since. A former member of the Jugendgruppe, today she dances with the Kulturgruppe along with her husband Mark and their two daughters. Jenny is also a member of the Frauengruppe and is a co-leader of the Jugendgruppe. Jenny works as an Accounting Manager and enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with her husband and daughters who are all involved in the club as well.